News Roundup: FindBiometrics’ Most Popular Articles

Biometrics News - News Roundup: FindBiometrics' Most Popular Articles

This week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ most popular articles once again offers a varied assortment of topics, sectors, and technologies.

First up is IDEX Biometrics’ news that it is preparing to fulfill a multi-year, multimillion-dollar order of its dual-interface fingerprint sensor technology. The company has been strongly focused on the emerging area of biometric payment cards in recent months, but this news indicates that there are other major applications of its technology, with the client having been described as “a leading provider of global financial news and IT services” that will use IDEX’s tech for secure access control:

IDEX Biometrics Gearing Up to Fulfill Massive Fingerprint Tech Order

From there, we shift to mobile biometrics, with a recent feature on “Mobile Revolutions in FinTech” seeing heavy traffic over the past week. Tracking the rise of biometric logins, selfie authentication, and the emergence of spoof-proof solutions, this Financial Biometrics Month feature offers some solid background reading for next week’s Money20/20 USA event:

Financial Biometrics Month: Mobile Revolutions in FinTech

This week saw yet more news of class action lawsuits brought against companies in Illinois over alleged violations of the state’s biometrics privacy law – a matter of serious concern for a growing number of organizations and, evidently, FindBiometrics readers:

Class Action Lawsuits Filed in Illinois Citing Breach of Biometrics Privacy Law

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ refugee agency continues to highlight the more benign and positive uses of biometric technology, with Syrian refugees arriving in Iraq being registered using iris recognition to help ensure that they can reliably identify themselves to officials and access key services:

UNHCR Uses Iris Biometrics to Register Displaced Syrian Refugees

And finally, readers proved interested in one of the latest developments in the global trend of airport biometrics, with Finnair and Finavia having announced a partnership with Finland’s Nixu digital identity pilot aimed at linking a user’s face to an official ID document:

Finnair and Finavia Seek Seamless Air Travel with SisuID Pilot


Stay posted to FindBiometrics next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of biometrics. To see the hottest stories of the week in mobile digital identity, visit our sibling site Mobile ID World.

October 26, 2019 – by Alex Perala