News Roundup: Biometrics at CES 2016

Last week at FindBiometrics we turned our gaze to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where biometrics proved to have a substantial presence in mobility, Internet of Things and wearable tech. We featured a guest post on the topic of disruption in the financial sector while border control and healthcare rounded out the news.

Here’s a look back on the top headlines from the first week of 2016.


News Roundup: Biometrics at CESLast week we reported that Fingerprint Cards (FPC) was confirmed to be the best performing stock of 2015 in Europe, while also seeing the company announce its intentions on supplying fingerprint sensors to the automotive market. IDEX ASA was showing off its own fingerprint sensor products at CES and we took a look at a new solution for gun safety—Identilock— that relies on fingerprint authentication. SecuGen was at CES as well, showing off its Unity BDP solution, which was the subject of an interview we published on Monday with Jeff Brown, the company’s VP of sales.

INTERVIEW: Jeff Brown, VP Sales, SecuGen

FPC’s Was 2015’s Best-Performing Stock in Europe

IDEX Showcases Range of Fingerprint Sensor Products at CES

Identilock Secures Guns with Biometric Scanner

FPC Exploring Automotive Sector


News Roundup: Biometrics at CESThat’s not all of the fingerprint news, of course, last week saw a very large number of headlines based on sensor integrations on mobile devices. FPC and Precise Biometrics saw their technologies integrated with the Huawei MediaPad M2 tablet as well as a number of smartphone handsets. Qualcomm, in the meantime, found its Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint tech on the new Le Max Pro from Letv.

Mobility wasn’t all about fingerprints last week though, with IDG lauding the ZTE Axon devices—which sport fingerprint, eyeprint and voice modalities—when awarding the OEM four different honors.

Le Max Pro Smartphone Features Snapdragon Sense ID

ZTE’s Multimodal Biometric Smartphones Lauded by IDG

Huawei GX8 Features FPC, Precise Biometrics Fingerprint Tech

Precise Biometrics Tech Powers MediaPad M2 Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei Emphasizes Powerful Fingerprint Sensor on Mate 8

Hisense A1 and Lenovo VIBE K4 Note Use Precise Biometrics Algorithm

FPC Provides Tech for Huawei MediaPad M2 Tablet Fingerprint Sensor

Border Control

News Roundup: Biometrics at CESCanada is on its way to implementing biometric border screening as the Canadian Border Services Agency, in collaboration with the University of Quebec, tests facial recognition in controlled environments. Meanwhile in India, efforts have been stoked in terms of issuing biometric IDs to coastal fishing workers, who are expected to be equipped with the next gen identification by June.

Canadian Authorities Test Facial Recognition Screening for Border Security

Indian Officials Aim to Equip Coastal Fishing Workers with Biometric IDs by June

Healthcare and Vital Biometrics

Healthcare Feature sizeBIO-key International has entered a partnership with HealthIDx that stands to further expand the company’s presence in the ePrescriptions market. Meanwhile at CES, vital biometrics were the talk of the town with a new smart bra unveiled by OMsignal, a preview of Velencell’s new blood pressure tech, and MC10’s BioStamp RC solution—a wearable patch that leverages flexible biometric sensors.

Partnership with HealthIDx Expands BIO-key Presence in EPCS

BioStamp RC Leverages Flexible Biometric Sensors

Valencell Previews Optical Blood Pressure Tech at CES

OMsignal Announces Biometric Bra


News Roundup: Biometrics at CESNowadays a week simply doesn’t go by without financial biometrics making a few headlines. The mobile wallets made the news, of course, with Apple Pay nearing 1000 US card issuers in terms of support and Samsung Pay  slated to make its debut on low and mid range handsets. Micro-loan provider Varam Capital announced its support for SayPay while we reported on EyeLock and Diebold’s collaboration on Irving—an ATM concept that leverages iris biometrics.

GUEST POST: Will Fintech’s Love Affair With Biometrics End Badly For The Global Payment Giants Touting This Match Made In Heaven?

Nearly 1,000 US Card Issuers Support Apple Pay

Varam Capital Embraces SayPay Authentication

EyeLock Developing Iris Tech for Diebold ATM Concept

Samsung Pay Heading To Lower-End Devices


News Roundup: Biometrics at CESSpeaking of EyeLock, the company was at CES last week launching an iris biometrics module for PC and showing off its range of products. The eye based modalities were all over the news last week, actually, with EyeVerify announcing impressive adoption numbers as well as FIDO Certification. Pupil biometrics were in the connected car related news last week too, while Tobii Tech demonstrated its eye tracking solutions at CES.

CES 2016: EyeLock Launches PC Iris Module, Showcases Range of Products

Tobii to Demo Eye Tracking Gaming at CES 2016

Keeping Drivers Safe With Pupil Biometrics

Eyeprint ID Gets FIDO Certification

EyeVerify Boasts 2 Million Eyeprint ID Users

Voice and Speech

News Roundup: Biometrics at CESIn the spoken modalities last week we saw how Qualcomm is working on bringing voice biometrics to the smart home. Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree is being supported by Samsung’s ARTIK chip line for the Internet of Things. On a note of national security, we also learned about the role voice biometrics are playing in the fight against IS.

Qualcomm Demos Smart Home Platform, Voice Biometics

Samsung ARTIK to Offer Sensory TrulyHandsfree Support

Intelligence Experts to Use Biometrics in Hunt for Islamic State Figures

Morpho News

(Image via Morpho)

(Image via Morpho)

Late last year Morpho (Safran) announced its intention on expanding into the mobile markets, and since then it has been a fixture of the news. Of course, the company is involved in a broad range of activities as can be seen in last week’s industry news. The CSO of MorphoTrust will be joining the advisory board of Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies, MorphoTrak was named 2015 company of the year by Frost & Sullivan, and the MorphoWave solution was granted FBI PIV certification.

Here’s how Morpho made the news in the first week of the new year.

MorphoTrust CSO to Advise on Brandeis University Curriculum

Frost & Sullivan Names MorphoTrak Company of the Year for 2015

MorphoWave Attains FBI PIV Certification

Morpho Continues March Into Mobile Market


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January 11, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter