News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus Fraud

Last week at FindBiometrics Healthcare Biometrics Month continued as we took a look at how strong authentication and identity management can be applied outside of the realm of patient ID. The industry news, meanwhile, was filled with border control, FinTech, and automotive biometrics, while India’s government made moves to address Aadhaar fraud.

Here is a look back on last week’s’ top stories in biometrics and identity management:

Healthcare Month

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudOur month-long focus on healthcare continued last week as we examined areas of application for biometrics beyond patient ID and electronic health records (EHR). In doing so we highlighted real deployments, use cases, and technologies that are keeping controlled substances accounted for, ensuring clinics and hospital are properly staffed, and making sure communications between doctors and patients are kept confidential and secure.

Read more at the link below:

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: Applications Outside of EHR

Border Control

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudChina began registering the fingerprint biometrics of visitors last week as news came from the Netherlands that Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is piloting Vision-Box’s facial recognition-based biometric security screening solution. Meanwhile, Acuity Market Intelligence released its latest research on the accelerating rate of deployment of biometric border control solutions around the world.

China to Begin Fingerprinting Visitors This Week

Amsterdam Airport Pilots Biometric Passenger Screening

Vision-Box Confirms ‘Long-Term’ Schiphol Airport Partnership

APC, ABC eGate Tech to Bring Revenues of $1B+ by 2020: Acuity


News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudHID Global announced upgrades to its Lumidigm M-Series sensors last week. In the meantime, NEXT Biometrics reported an influx of capital from a new order and a new private placement. Zwipe also announced a private placement last week, to the tune of $4.3 million. Read more about upgrades, money, and fingerprint biometrics at the links below:

HID Global Announces M-Series Sensor Upgrades

Zwipe Raises $4.3 Million with Private Placement

NEXT Gets Capital Influx Along with New CEO


News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudSamsung Pay was officially launched in Thailand last week, bringing the total number of countries where the mobile wallet can be used up to ten. Meanwhile, Apple found new allies in its fight to bring its own biometrically secured mobile wallet to the Australian market, and Dubai-based bank Emirates NBD deployed biometric tablets in order to improve its customer service experience. Biometrics also had us talking about new ATM concepts, with Aurionpro’s Virtual Teller Machine—which features multimodal authentication that allows for users to open new accounts and activate new bank cards—making the headlines.

Thailand Becomes Tenth Country in Which Samsung Pay Has Launched

ING Direct and Macquarie Embrace Apple Pay in Australia

Aurionpro Seeks to Transform ATM Concept with Biometrics, Enhanced Capabilities

Emirates NBD Deploys Biometric Tablets in Branches

Automotive Biometrics

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudResearch firm Tachnavio is predicting that the automotive biometrics market will grow at a CAGR of over 19 percent between now and 2021, according to a new report. The forecast corroborates trends of enthusiasm toward connected car applications, and last week we saw Delta ID CEO Dr. Salil Prabhakar arguing that biometric authentication is well suited to the automotive market for more reasons than simple physical access control.

Technavio Predicts Substantial Growth for Automotive Biometrics Market

Biometrics On Track for Automotive Sector: Delta ID

Aadhaar Versus Fraud

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudIndia’s biometric national ID program, Aadhaar, was in the news last week as we reported on government efforts to address fraudulent schemes seeking to take advantage of the program’s ubiquity. Meanwhile, Aadhaar’s range of uses continued to expand, with India’s Department of Food and Consumer Affairs issuing a directive linking the national ID program to subsidized grain rations. Here’s a look at last week’s big’ Aadhaar news:

Indian Authorities Tie Aadhaar to Food Rations

Indian Authorities Warn Public of Aadhaar Fraud

Indian Gov’t Takes Stern Stance on Unauthorized Aadhaar Services

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudFST Biometrics’ IMID access control system was deployed at Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, bringing a combination of face and behavioral biometrics to the facility’s physical access control capabilities. Behavioral biometrics of another kind have been gaining popularity—those that are used for passive and persistent online authentication and threat detection—and last week we saw BioCatch assessing the chances that 2017 may very well be the year this modality goes mainstream.

Pacific Palisades Private Club Embraces IMID Access Control

BioCatch Heralds Rise of Behavioral Biometrics

Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudAuthorities in Maharashtra, India, are on the verge of implementing a multimodal biometric system for the registration of criminals, we reported last week. In Ireland, meanwhile, biometrics are continuing to be a boon in weeding out welfare fraud, with news that facial recognition tech has saved the Irish Department of Social Protection €461,470 by verifying the identities of individuals collecting funds.

Maharashtra Considers Safran, NEC Bids for Biometric Criminal Registration System

Biometric Identification System Pays Dividends for Welfare Agency

Biometric Software

News Roundup: Aadhaar Versus FraudPrecise Biometrics announced the completion of its NexID acquisition, effectively bolstering its liveness detection offerings. Meanwhile, Jumio added a document reading capability to its Know Your Customer software offering, and biometric software company Aware, Inc. released its year-end results.

Aware Year-End Results Show ‘Strong Financial Performance’

Jumio Introduces Netverify Document Verification Feature

Precise Biometrics Finalizes NexID Acquisition


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February 13, 2017 – by Peter B. Counter