New Website Reflects Aratek’s Global Expansion Effort

New Website Reflects Aratek's Global Expansion Effort

Aratek is looking to expand its global reach even further with a subtle but potentially important move: The company has launched a Spanish version of its website.

In announcing the development, Aratek noted that Spanish is the world’s fourth most popular language, with an estimated 460 million speakers. Aratek international sales VP Samuel Wu suggested the move could help Aratek to enhance its presence in North and South America, Spain, and other regions where Spanish is widely spoken.

“This website offers the Hispanic community a helpful resource for anything they wish to know about Aratek’s biometric technology and how it can solve their unique requirements for secure authentication,” he said.

As for the biometric technology in question, it’s best exemplified by Aratek’s latest fingerprint scanning handheld device, the Marshall. The device features a built-in OCR reading engine and an MRZ reader, making it a compelling solution for biometric matching and ID reading in the field; and it runs on Aratek’s BIONE fingerprint algorithm, which attained MINEX III certification earlier this year.

Aratek also attained STQC certification earlier this year, opening the door to new market opportunities in India through the country’s Aadhaar biometric national ID program. Around the same time, Aratek was also showcasing the Marshall device at ID4Africa – a further indication of the company’s efforts to expand across the global biometrics market, as is its new Spanish-language website.