Aratek Takes Aim at China’s Facial Recognition Market with CPSE 2019 Plans

Aratek Takes Aim at China's Facial Recognition Market with CPSE 2019 Plans

Having recently launched its new TruFace facial recognition solution, Aratek is now looking to target the growing Chinese market for such biometric technology with plans to showcase its solutions at the CPSE 2019 security expo. The event is scheduled to run from October 28th to 31st in Shenzhen.

“China’s rapid and continuous growth drives innovation in all industries, most especially in security technology, and Aratek is right in the forefront of this,” explained Aratek Sales VP Samuel Wu in a statement announcing the plans.

China has indeed emerged as a major market for facial recognition technologies, which are widely used by police and government authorities, but have also become commonplace in less security-conscious applications. Deployments span from face-scanning security cameras that can automatically catch jaywalkers to biometric payment systems in fast-food restaurants.

For its part, Aratek will show off its TruFace terminals featuring built-in, dual-camera HDR imaging systems, and its representatives will discuss the TrustFace biometric algorithm on which they operate.

The company won’t be solely focused on facial recognition, however. Aratek’s Marshall fingerprint scanner will also be on display on the show floor alongside the company’s other fingerprint-based identification and authentication solutions.

CPSE 2019 will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, with Aratek slated to showcase its solutions from Booth #1C50.