Mobile Biometrics Month 2018: The Roundup

March is coming to an end, and with its passing we must bid farewell to Mobile Biometrics Month 2018 – a month-long featured focus on the dynamic and evolving mobile identity landscape. Over the past four weeks we brought you live coverage of Mobile World Congress from Barcelona, in-depth featured articles exploring mobile biometrics trends, interviews with industry thought leaders, an expert webinar, and as-it-happens reporting on ground shaking news.

Let’s take a look back on the March and the Mobile Biometrics Month highlights therein:

Live From Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile Biometrics Month 2018: The RoundupWhen March started we were already in Barcelona, bringing you live coverage form the world’s largest mobility conference: Mobile World Congress. Running February 26 through March 1, the global tech event was the stage for major announcements in mobile biometrics, including the unveiling of Samsung’s latest consumer access control technology, Intelligent Scan. FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill conducted well over a dozen audio interviews while reporting form the conference floor, all of which can be found in the links below alongside our coverage of all the crucial identity-focused news that came out of MWC this year.

MWC 2018 set the stage for Mobile Biometrics Month 2018. Here’s how:

Looking Back on Mobile World Congress 2018

UPDATED: Biometrics at MWC 2018 – Talking About Identity

Beyond The Locked Screen

Mobile Biometrics Month 2018: The RoundupOur featured articles section played host to three in-depth trend pieces looking beyond the headlines to get at the core of important topics in mobile identity. In week one of March, we published a primer, bringing together all the crucial moving pieces in the mobile biometrics market, explaining them, and offering links for further reading.

In week two, we examined four important ways that mobile biometrics are being deployed beyond the most popular use case: consumer lock screen security. The resulting article delved into the worlds of KYC, enterprise security, biometric credit cards, and military applications.

In week three, we took a deep dive into the consumer mobile biometrics experience and discussed how familiarity and fun helped destigmatize biometry, helping strong authentication find the mass acceptance we are seeing today.

Follow the links below to engage with the bigs ideas of Mobile Biometrics Month 2018:

Mobile Biometrics Month 2018: The Primer

Mobile Biometrics Month: 4 Mobile Biometrics Use Cases Beyond The Locked Screen

Mobile Biometrics Month 2018: How Familiarity and Fun Builds Confidence in Consumer Biometrics

New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics

Mobile Biometrics Month culminated with the latest entry in our industry famous webinar series. New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics continued the conversations started at Mobile World Congress, bringing together an expert panel –  Frances Zelazny, VP, BioCatch; Fredrik Clementson, R&D Director, Precise Biometrics; David Pollington, Head of Application Services and Technology, GSMA – to discuss the trends outlined above, opportunities and challenges in the evolving mobile ID marketplace, and the future of strong identity in a mobile world.

Watch the webinar in full right here:

Transformation Before Your Eyes

Mobility is an integral part of the biometrics industry and vice versa, and both are in a state of rapid evolution. Therefore it’s no surprise that even as we hosted expert discussions on mobile biometrics, new innovations were changing the state of the art. March gave us flagship smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensors, saw biometrics protecting AI-based payments, and introduced us to novel new biometric modalities and form factors.

The following links to news and interviews will complement the above primer by showing just how quickly the mobile biometrics landscape is transforming:

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jumio CEO Stephen Stuut at K(NO)W ID

INTERVIEW: Martin Zizi, and Pierre Pozzi, Aerendir Mobile, Inc.

INTERVIEW: Deepak Dutt, President & CEO, Zighra

Biometric Security Comes To Amazon Key Service

Jersey Government Opts to Use Yoti for Biometric Citizen ID

AKI to Pitch Biometric Insole Tech to US Gov’t

EvroTrust Integrates FaceTec’s ZoOm Technology For User Authentication

FPC Observes the Return of the Card at Money20/20 Asia

New Vivo Phone Uses Clear ID In-Display Sensor

NIST Testing Ranks IDEMIA Facial Recognition Tech Most Accurate in Selfie Applications

Daon Helps Alexa to Learn Voice-Activated P2P Payments

The FIDO Alliance Expands its Certification Program for Authenticator Solutions

Aerendir Enhances Mobile Authentication Via Proprioceptive Neurophysiology


Thank you for joining FindBiometrics for Mobile Biometrics Month 2018. Stay with us throughout April as we bring you feature-focused content on the topic of Physical Access and Enterprise Security.

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March 29, 2018 – by Peter Counter