AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jumio CEO Stephen Stuut at K(NO)W ID

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jumio CEO Stephen Stuut at K(NO)W IDThis year’s K(NO)W Identity conference is underway this week, with hundreds of organizations and over a thousand attendees convening to discuss online identity and security. It’s no surprise, then, to find Jumio on hand: The company has seen a remarkable ascent over the last several months as a range of clients have embraced its biometric identity verification solution to authenticate their end users and customers. This month alone, Jumio has announced two new clients in the cryptocurrency space and an investment firm specializing in tangible precious metals; and it has won industry acclaim and opened a new office in Singapore.

FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill is also on hand at K(NO)W ID 2018, where he is moderating Wednesday’s panel, “From Novelty to Necessity: Biometrics’ Rapid Evolution in the Mainstream”. As such, he had an opportunity to catch up with Jumio CEO Stephen Stuut, who was glad to offer his thoughts on friction in online rental book – apropos of a keynote address from Airbnb Product Manager Filip Verley – and to elaborate on his own firm’s wildly successful results for 2017. Stuut also delved into the key drivers for Jumio’s growth, a “very key hire” in the company’s new CTO, and the paramount importance of accuracy in user verification, even above automation.

Listen to our full interview with Stephen Stuut, CEO, Jumio for all the details: