Mitek to Bring Mobile Biometric Onboarding to Experian Platform

Mitek to Bring Mobile Biometric Onboarding to Experian PlatformMobile biometric onboarding is coming to Experian’s CrossCore platform thanks to a new partnership with Mitek, whose Mobile Verify and Mobile Fill solutions are to be integrated into Experian’s identity security platform.

Mitek’s solutions will enable Experian to provide its clients with a streamlined remote onboarding process for their end customers, allowing them to verify their identities just by uploading images with their mobile cameras. Mitek’s technology is designed to analyze pictures of identity documents to verify their authenticity, while its facial recognition technology can match end users’ selfies to their official IDs.

It’s an approach to automated onboarding that is increasingly popular, with similar solutions like Jumio’s Netverify proving highly popular, particularly in the financial services space. For its part, Mitek’s solutions have seen a couple of adoptions in the cryptocurrency market in recent months, and its newly-announced acquisition of French document reading technology specialist A2iA is poised to further enhance Mitek’s capabilities.

For Experian, meanwhile, the integrations seem to reflect a growing interest in biometric security technologies, with the company having established partnerships with behavioral biometrics specialist BioCatch and mobile biometric authentication solutions provider Daon last year. Now, Mitek’s solutions are slated to join these others in the CrossCore platform, though the companies did not offer a timeline for the integrations in their announcement.

May 30, 2018 – by Alex Perala