IT Professionals Express Concern About Data Security: Ping Identity

IT Professionals Express Concern About Data Security: Ping Identity

In its latest report on The State of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and Security, Ping Identity teamed with MarketCube to survey more than 300 IT professionals. They found that most large companies are wary of cloud and SaaS infrastructure, with many citing security concerns in a year with many high-profile data breaches. As a result, most companies (71 percent) spent more on security in 2018 than they did in 2017, with a full 75 percent relying on a hybrid infrastructure that blends cloud, SaaS, and on-site data storage solutions.

What’s interesting is that while companies are clearly making security a priority, they aren’t utilizing some of the most effective tools to safeguard customer data. For instance, only 60 percent of the respondents said their companies use multi-factor authentication (MFA), even though the vast majority (90 percent) said that MFA is an effective way to protect data stored on public clouds.

The same is true for biometric solutions, which were only employed by 22 percent of the survey respondents.

“Biometric authentication is still an emerging technology and therefore may not be as commonplace as more established security controls,” said Richard Bird, the Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity.

The findings indicate that while biometric options are rapidly improving, there is still some cultural resistance that prevents their widespread adoption. Yet the interest in MFA solutions suggests that growing familiarity with biometrics could lead to much greater adoption in the future.

January 25, 2019 – By Eric Weiss