Proofpoint, Okta Combine Forces to Fight Phishing

“Credential phishing is an Achilles heel for many organizations because most phishing links are hosted on compromised, legitimate websites with good reputations. Clever attackers even wait until after an email has passed through the gateway and into a user’s inbox before changing the content of the site to a page designed to steal usernames and passwords.” -Ryan Kalember, SVP Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint

Proofpoint and Okta are joining forces to offer enhanced security for the enterprise.Proofpoint, Okta Combine Forces to Fight Phishing

The partnership will see the integration of Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) solution into the Okta Identity Cloud. TRAP essentially offers security for email, allowing IT administrators to transfer malicious messages to quarantine, and to establish audit trails for for distribution lists. The Okta Identity Cloud, meanwhile, offers multi-factor authentication tools, including push-based one time passwords and biometrics.

Crucially, the authentication capabilities of Okta’s platform were extended to email environments about a year ago, setting the table for its integration of Proofpoint’s TRAP.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Okta Integrations and Strategic Partnerships VP Chuck Fontana explained that email is “the number one threat vector and credential phishing attacks are flooding organizations worldwide”, prompting the need for Proofpoint’s and Okta’s collaborative effort. “Working together, Okta and Proofpoint can help security teams to get the greatest value from their existing technology investments, by assisting with credential phishing attack detection and rapid response,” he said.

September 5, 2018 – by Alex Perala