IT Admin Survey Points to Growing Awareness Over Cloud Security

IT Admin Survey Points to Growing Awareness Over Cloud SecuritySecurity is the top concern for IT administrators when choosing a cloud services provider, says Frost & Sullivan. The finding emerged from the growth consultancy’s IT Decision Maker Survey, in which 45 percent of respondents named security as the main factor in their decision. That’s way above price, which only 27 percent named as the top factor, while reliability came in second at 40 percent.

The finding suggests a growing awareness of the danger of data breaches, with organizations increasingly turning to sophisticated security such as biometric authentication to help mitigate the threat. Meanwhile, organizations dealing with particularly sensitive information, such as the Department of Defense, won’t even consider commercial cloud services for their priority data.

Despite this wariness, the use of cloud services is on the rise, with IT decision makers pointing to a range of benefits in Frost & Sullivan’s survey. The biggest one, of course, is data storage, highlighted by 46 percent of respondents; but also appreciated are cloud services’ “greater flexibility in times of rapid growth and downsizing” (38 percent) and provision of “access to advanced features/capabilities” (37 percent), as Frost & Sullivan detailed in a statement.

There’s a lot to like about cloud services, but also a lot to worry about, in terms of security threats – and IT admins seem to be increasingly aware of that.

May 7, 2018 – by Alex Perala