Gait Recognition to Feature in Soldier Authentication System, Says Outgoing DoD Official

Gait Recognition to Feature in Soldier Authentication System, Says Outgoing DoD OfficialThe Department of Defense’s Defense Information Systems Agency is looking at up to seven mechanisms for identity verification of soldiers in the field, including gait recognition, according to FedScoop.

The news comes from a luncheon arranged by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association to celebrate the retirement of DISA head Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn, who spoke to the assembled crowd about DISA’s identification project. Lynn asserted that the identification system under development is based on mobile technology, and that it could incorporate popular biometric modalities like fingerprint and facial recognition, and emerging ones like gait recognition, though he did not specify the other mechanisms under consideration.

Lynn’s comments come soon after the revelation that Qualcomm will supply technology for a DISA-led effort to develop an authentication system to replace the DoD’s Common Access Card. In announcing its involvement, Qualcomm emphasized the multi-factor system’s use in accessing DoD IT assets; but it may in fact be the same project to which Lynn referred in his recent comments, especially considering Lynn’s assertion that DISA’s system “could easily transition to the commercial side.” Even if these are two separate identification programs, there may be considerable overlap.

On a related note, Lynn added that while the Pentagon is looking to develop a cloud solution for its data, “Straight-up commercial cloud is not that secure.” Nevertheless, he added, for assets with lower security requirement, such platforms offer an appealing option for the DoD.

Source: FedScoop

January 12, 2018 – by Alex Perala