Behavioral Biometrics Specialist Reveals Role in DoD’s DISA Project

Behavioral Biometrics Specialist Reveals Role in DoD's DISA Project

A Brooklyn-based behavioral biometrics specialist has revealed that it was recruited to aid in the Department of Defense’s development of a ‘proof of life’ authentication system.

Called, the company says it won a contract through Army Contracting Command’s Rapid Innovation Fund. The deal is valued at $2.42 million, and was actually awarded in late October of last year. It entailed the provision of technology to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in its pursuit of a new authentication system aimed at replacing the Common Access Card currently used by military personnel for internal authentication.

DISA first announced it was working on a new ‘patterns of life’ authentication system back in 2017, aiming for a mobile solution that could continuously and passively authenticate a given user based on multiple metrics including gait recognition, voice recognition, and location information. Just about a week ago, DISA revealed that it was now actively trialing such a system with 50 mobile devices distributed to personnel.

For its part, appears to be a good fit. The company specializes in behavioral biometrics technology designed to assess metrics pertaining to device interaction and gait on a Software-as-a-Service basis.

Elaborating on its role in the DISA project, said in a statement that its participation “builds on and leverages existing partnerships between DISA and Qualcomm for the purpose of hardware-backed device-level hardware attestation”.

February 7, 2019 – by Alex Perala