Announces Facial Recognition Solution Announces Facial Recognition SolutionNew Orleans-based has announced a new facial recognition solution aimed primarily at venue security.

In announcing the solution, the company emphasized that it can be used to match the faces of individuals against watch lists, offering compelling security applications in “crowded venues like casinos, shopping malls, and stadiums,” according to a statement.

But the company also highlighted its solution’s compatibility with VeriScan,’s cloud-based software for ID reading. The company claims that VeriScan can scan IDs “[w]ithin a second and with 100% accuracy” with the data from a given ID stored for comparison against scans from its facial recognition solution. CEO Denis Petrov also emphasized the ease with which his firm’s facial recognition solution can be deployed. “Our solution can be integrated into our customers’ products simply with a few lines of code,” he said.

It’s a case that could prove compelling as facial recognition technology becomes increasingly popular for venue security, both among government agencies and the private sector. And is going to make its case to a number of target audiences in the coming weeks with plans to showcase it at the ED Expo in Las Vegas, the Texas Bar & Nightclub Convention in San Antonio, and ASIS International, also in Las Vegas.

August 3, 2018 – by Alex Perala