AI Specialist BrainChip Gets Scandinavian Distribution Partner

A new partnership between a San Francisco-based AI specialist and a Danish security systems integrator is poised to deliver powerful new surveillance tools to police in Scandinavia.AI Specialist BrainChip Gets Scandinavian Distribution Partner

The Danish firm, Telesikring, has agreed to promote and implement BrainChip’s BrainChip Studio solution, which is designed to deliver facial and object recognition to video feeds. In so doing, Telesikring has become BrainChip’s first Scandinavian partner since it launched its platform last year; in a statement announcing the partnership, the US company highlighted the market opportunities entailed in the Danish security market alone, which is expected to grow from a value of $75 million this year to $133 million by 2022.

For Telesikring’s part, the company’s Sales Director, Morton Dall, commented in a statement that the partnership reflects increasing demand for AI solutions. “We believe that AI technology has matured to such a degree that it provides real value to our clients,” he said. “The partnership with BrainChip allows us to address this growing demand and ensure we can develop specific customer requirements by using BrainChip’s AI-powered software and hardware solutions as part of our overall security and technology platform offering.”

The partnership comes at a time of growing excitement over the benefits of AI-driven surveillance technology, as well as escalating consternation over its privacy and ethical implications. In any case, the partnership reflects the undeniable market demand for such technology, and particularly facial recognition and its applications in automated video surveillance.

August 9, 2018 – by Alex Perala