IDEX On Verge of Big Fingerprint Biometrics Deal with IT Provider

IDEX On Verge of Big Fingerprint Biometrics Deal with IT Provider

IDEX may have some big news in the pipeline: The company has announced that it expects to win a contract with a global IT solutions provider serving the financial services market.

The deal hasn’t yet been finalized, but in a statement announcing the development IDEX was able to provide a few early details. The company says its agreement will include a “multimillion-dollar commitment” concerning its SmartFinger IDX 3200 dual interface fingerprint sensors, and that these sensors “will be delivered over the next three years.”

That points to a significant development with respect to IDEX’s efforts in the area of biometric cards. Given that the partner in question is an IT provider, it doesn’t appear likely that this arrangement will concern biometric payment cards; but it may point to biometric security cards used internally for enterprise security among the IT provider’s clients.

In its statement, IDEX emphasized that it “has multiple ongoing engagements in several industries, especially the smart card industry where card integrators are making significant progress in integrating IDEX’s dual-interface biometric solutions,” adding that it is also active in “new verticals” where the security and convenience of biometrics hold appeal. As for its current big deal, the company says it will offer further information once the agreement has been finalized.

April 10, 2019 – by Alex Perala