Herta Celebrates Strong Showing in DHS’s Biometric Rally

Herta Celebrates Strong Showing in DHS's Biometric Rally

(image via Herta)

Barcelona-based facial recognition specialist Herta is celebrating its performance in the US Department of Homeland Security’s recent Biometric Technology Rally.

The company says it was among the top three performers in the tests, which assessed different solutions based on their ability to match individuals to a large database in an airport screening-type scenario. Herta’s tailored its facial recognition technology, which is generally deployed in many-to-many matching scenarios, for this one-to-many testing environment, and its results were “among the highest scores for efficiency, customer satisfaction and performance,” according to a statement from the company.

Elaborating further, Herta says its solution “exceeded the average for most of the metrics”, including achieving a “95% successful face identification rate in less than 5 seconds, compared to an average of 65%.”

The company’s CTO Alex Collado-Castells, meanwhile, says the Rally “was an inspiring experience” in which Herta was compelled “to work under pressure in order to design a specific solution for a test which reflects a real world use case.”

There will be more to come, with the DHS and its Science & Technology Directorate seeking to use such opportunities to implement its Biometric Technology Engine, which is aimed at becoming the key tool for DHS researchers and affiliates to evaluate and develop new technologies. And given Herta’s enthusiasm over this first event, the company seems likely to aim for even better results in those on the horizon.

July 26, 2018 – by Alex Perala