Tascent Posts Top Score in DHS Biometric Technology Rally

Biometrics News - Tascent Posts Top Score in DHS Biometric Technology Rally

Tascent’s InSight Face cooperative facial recognition solution has bested its competitors in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) second annual Biometric Technology Rally. The Rally measured 14 biometric capture products in a test designed to mimic high-traffic environments like airports or other travel hubs.

During the test, subjects were asked to move through an eight-foot capture zone, follow instructions, and provide feedback on the experience. InSight Face was the only solution that fulfilled all of DHS’s evaluation criteria, and posted the highest scores for accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction along the way.

“The level of performance and usability we’re now seeing positions biometric authentication to disrupt not just air travel, but every industry that values positive customer engagement and streamlined customer experiences,” said Tascent Founder and Co-CEO Alastair Partington. 

Unlike a CCTV surveillance solution, InSight Face is built to be cooperative, which means that users need to engage with the technology in order to generate a match. The platform can handle individuals or small groups, and needed an average of only 2.7 seconds to process each face, a figure that includes the time spent walking through the Rally’s eight-foot capture zone. The tech also had a 0.0 percent Failure to Acquire Rate, a 99.5 percent True Identification Rate, and a 98.1 percent Satisfaction Rating.

InSight Face will be available in late 2019, and integrates “on-the-move” face recognition capture capability with the design of Tascent’s InSight One face and iris recognition platform. The company previously teamed up with Panasonic to develop biometric solutions for air travel, and more recently provided biometric boarding tech for Royal Caribbean Cruises.

August 20, 2019 – by Eric Weiss