FedID 2018: Crossmatch’s Nick Pattakos on Biometric Law Enforcement and the HID Global Acquisition

FedID 2018: Crossmatch's Nick Pattakos on Biometric Law Enforcement and the HID Global Acquisition

Nick Pattakos, Senior Vice President,  Solutions, Crossmatch (left) demonstrates the Nomad 60 Wireless fingerprint reader for Peter Counter, Managing Editor, FindBiometrics at FedID 2018.

FindBiometrics is in Tampa this week, reporting live from the 2018 Federal Identity Forum & Exhibition (FedID) – the US government’s premier biometrics conference. I caught up with Nick Pattakos, Senior Vice President,  Solutions for Crossmatch at the company’s booth for an interview. We spoke about Crossmatch’s Nomad line of fingerprint reading solutions, specifically its Nomad 60 wireless and Nomad 30 Pocket readers, with Pattakos offering novel use cases for the technology in law enforcement and border control. The conversation then moved to the big news of the week: HID Global’s acquisition of Crossmatch, and how it will affect the companies involved. Wrapping up, we spoke about Crossmatch’s role in Phase 2 of IARPA’s Thor program and how 2018 has been for the company.

Listen to the full FindBiometrics audio interview with Nick Pattakos, SVP, Solutions, Crossmatch:

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September 27, 2018 – by Peter B. Counter