FedID 2018: Interview with IDEMIA National Security Solutions’ Christian Schnedler

Christian Schnedler, Vice President of Strategy for IDEMIA National Security Solutions (left) and FindBiometrics Managing Editor Peter Counter at FedID 2018.

IDEMIA has long been an important player in the global biometrics market and a major solutions provider to the government sector in particular. But its legacy goes back across two organizations – Safran Identity & Security and Oberthur Technologies – which merged in the first half of last year, and that has of course entailed a sometimes complicated rebranding and reorganizing process. But the dust is now settling, and one of the major developments to emerge from it is IDEMIA National Security Solutions, a branch of the company dedicated to serving the federal law enforcement market in particular.

Naturally, NSS was in attendance at this year’s FedID event in Tampa, where FindBiometrics Managing Editor Peter Counter had the opportunity to chat with IDEMIA NSS Strategy VP Christian Schnedler. Their wide-ranging conversation starts with a discussion of IDEMIA’s frictionless iris and facial biometrics processing solutions and its video analytics solution – “the star of the show”, in Schnedler’s words – and also delves into the importance of artificial intelligence, the evolution of identity management in policing over the last five years, and the NSS’s unique position in the market, including its top secret security clearances.

Listen to our full FedID 2018 Interview with Christian Schnedler, Vice President of Strategy for IDEMIA National Security Solutions: