CBP Enhances Border Screening Capabilities with Integrated Biometrics Tech

“Our biometric scanners have become the standard for governments around the globe and are now deployed in more than fifty nations on six continents.” – Stephen Thies, CEO, Integrated Biometrics

HID Global Releases New Fingerprint Reader to Guard the Front Door

Seeking to enhance its biometric border control capabilities, the US Customs and Border Protection agency has opted to deploy fingerprint scanner devices from Integrated Biometrics. The CBP ordered the biometrics specialist’s Kojak 10-fingerprint scanner solution for deployment to more than 5,000 workstations across various ports of entry.

Announcing the contract, Integrated Biometrics described the CBP’s selection process as “highly competitive”, including “extensive research and testing”. Ultimately, the Kojak solution’s use of Light Emitting Sensor technology and its capability to operate without costly silicon membranes of extensive maintenance helped to give it an edge over the competition.

Integrated Biometrics also noted that its fingerprint scanner does not carry the burden of the racial bias issues that have been documented in numerous facial recognition systems, with the latter technology also being used in border control by the CBP; “every finger is blue” when scanned with Kojak’s Light Emitting Sensor technology, the company asserted.

The contract is an important step forward for Integrated Biometrics, which has seen growing interest in its fingerprint recognition technologies from the law enforcement and border control sectors. And the company says that the majority of the Kojak scanners ordered by the CBP are already in operation, including at some of America’s busiest airports such as Dulles International Airport and LAX.

April 29, 2019 – by Alex Perala