CAS Researchers Claim Cutting Edge of Gait Recognition

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) say they have developed a gait recognition system that can identify an individual from as far as 50 meters.

While other biometric modalities like fingerprint and facial recognition are more common, gait recognition is not unheard-of. Israel-based FST Biometrics, for example, has developed a commercial access control system that combines gait recognition with face scanning (as well as voice recognition, in some deployments) to enable passive authentication.

But it is a pioneering area, to be sure, and the CAS researchers appear to have brought their technology to the cutting edge. As The Times International reports, the researchers say their system can recognize a subject within 200 milliseconds — a remarkable claim, given that the system is based on patterns in a subject’s physical movement.

The researchers also say that their technology can be adapted to assess population density, suggesting that it offers multiple applications pertaining to crowds and the surveillance of public spaces. If the technology is indeed as effective as the CAS researchers claim it is, gait recognition could soon take off in China in much the same way that facial recognition has in recent years.

Source: The Times International

October 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala