Upgraded IMID Platform Can Operate in Low Light, Uses Deep Learning Algorithms

FST Biometrics has upgraded its multimodal biometric identification platform and plans to show it off at next week’s ISC West security expo.

Upgraded IMID Platform Can Operate in Low Light, Uses Deep Learning AlgorithmsAlready deployed in a range of environments, FST’s In Motion Identification, or IMID, platform combines multiple biometric modalities to passively identify registered individuals, including facial recognition and physical behavioral biometrics (including gait recognition), along with voice recognition as an additional option. Now, IMID Access 4.0 enhances that functionality with the capability of operating in low-light environments as dim as 50 lux, and improved liveness detection with respect to facial recognition. The company also says that it has taken special efforts to address the issue of aging, which can start to significantly affect the accuracy of facial recognition software after about six years, according to recent research from Michigan State University.

In a statement announcing the improved platform, FST Biometrics Chief Marketing Officer suggested the system has also been outfitted with “deep learning algorithms”, which “will mean unparalleled accuracy, application flexibility and a seamless experience for customers and users alike.”

The company will show off the technology from booth #24103 at ISC West, which will take place in Las Vegas from April 5th to 7th. IMID Access 4.0 launches this month.

March 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala