Werum IT Solutions Adopts Nymi Band Authentication

Biometrics News - Werum IT Solutions Adopts Nymi Band Authentication

Werum IT Solutions has teamed up with Nymi to provide its customers in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with fast, simple, and secure biometric authentication. To that end, Werum has integrated the Nymi band into its new K.ME-IN platform, thereby enabling biometric authentication for those using the PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

PAS-X is designed for people working on the shop floor in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Nymi Band will allow those employees to gain access to the platform’s various systems, devices, and machines, providing continuous authentication that identifies the wearer based on an initial biometric scan.

To use the wearable wristband, employees need simply to tap their wrist on the appropriate scanner. The solution will eliminate the need for passwords, PIN codes, badges, and other manual login methods, all while remaining compliant with the strictest security standards. 

“Nymi will ease the authentication procedures for pharma and biotech operators so that they can concentrate better on their task at hand,” said Nymi VP Andrew Foxcroft.

“We are convinced that Nymi is going to make our pharmaceutical and biotech customers even more productive,” added Werum Product Manager Obay Alchorbaji. “Our customers cut authentication times by up to 75 percent, significantly increasing their production efficiency.”

Werum is not the first Manufacturing Execution System to adopt Nymi’s secure authentication technology in the past few months, after the POMS Corporation integrated the Nymi Band into its POMSnet MES back in October. Nymi has numerous clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, with companies like Xyntek and Systec & Solutions standing as some of the most recent additions to the roster. Nymi has also branched into more traditional factory settings through a partnership with Rockwell Automation.

Werum is eventually planning to combine Nymi authentication with support for other biometric modalities. Most notably, the company indicated that it will introduce iris, face, and fingerprint recognition to the K.ME-IN platform at some point in the future.

January 17, 2020 – by Eric Weiss