Securiport Adds Sensors from Integrated Biometrics to Improve Border Security

Biometrics News - Securiport Adds Sensors from Integrated Biometrics to Improve Border Security

Securiport has formed a technical partnership with Integrated Biometrics (IB), and will be leveraging the latter’s fingerprint sensors for a variety of biometric border and identification solutions. IB’s fingerprint sensors are FBI-certified, and can be deployed as standalone mobile devices or placed in a fixed system like an eGate or a biometric kiosk.

The new partnership concerns both, and will see IB fingerprint scanners in Securiport’s mobile units in addition to eGates and self-serve kiosks at 50 international border checkpoints. The sensors will be integrated into Securiport’s proprietary user interface, which enables fingerprint capture and biometric template aggregation, and can carry out authentication based on a partial print for repeat travelers.

The UI can also monitor finger pressure at self-serve kiosks and provide travelers with on-screen feedback to help them move through border checkpoints more efficiently.  

“The IB product integration will be a strong addition to Securiport’s proprietary technology to combat identity fraud, human trafficking, organized crime and money laundering, while improving the experience and safety of travelers,” said Securiport COO Leandro Olie. 

“The fast and detailed image quality our scanners deliver – along with minimal maintenance requirements – makes IB the ideal choice for use at land, air, and maritime borders with high volume passenger flow and challenging environments,” added IB EVP David Gerulski.

IB’s fingerprint tech was previously featured in Corvus’ latest Tetrad device, as well as a Coppernic handheld that was designed specifically to help the United Nations meet its Sustainable Development Goals. Before that, the company released a new FAP30 fingerprint sensor and opened a new office in South Africa in an effort to expand its presence in the African market. At 7mm thick, the new sensor was pitched as the world’s smallest FAP30 device at the time of launch.

Securiport, meanwhile, was selected as an INTERPOL World Strategic Partner back in 2015.  

December 4, 2019 – by Eric Weiss