LastPass Identity Update Enables Passwordless Logins for the Enterprise

Biometrics News - LastPass Identity Update Enables Passwordless Logins for the Enterprise

LogMeIn has expanded the utility of its LastPass Identity solution to enable passwordless logins for the enterprise. The update leverages the company’s password management technology and the LastPass MFA authentication suite to allow employees to access work accounts and devices with secure biometric technology.

The improved LastPass Identity will empower IT technicians to monitor every single access point on a company’s network, and activate “device-native” biometric authentication on PC and Mac workstations. The solution supports single sign-on capabilities and offers an Offline Mode that allows employees to log into a work device while they are away from the office (and a reliable internet connection).

With the upgrade, LastPass Identity will also offer better support for Okta and the Azure Active Directory, making it easier to integrate LastPass into those ecosystems. Organizations that currently rely on Okta or Azure AD for identity services can now federate into LastPass, which will essentially move passwords backstage and negate the need for a LastPass Master Password once an employee is logged into one of the two identity platforms.

The latest update is designed to lower IT costs and reduce the threat of data breaches, which can often be traced to vulnerable passwords.  

“As a leader in managing passwords, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help businesses provide the best balance of strong security and user experience,” said LogMeIn Identity and Access Management SVP and GM John Bennett. “LastPass Identity does that by enabling IT to manage every password behind the scenes while also giving employees a simple, truly passwordless experience.”

The LastPass Identity news comes shortly after LogMeIn announced that LastPass app would support facial recognition unlocks on Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone. Earlier this year, a separate update introduced biometric account recovery on mobile devices for users who have forgotten their master password.

December 4, 2019 – by Eric Weiss