Biometric Authentication Makes LastPass Account Recovery a Breeze

Biometric Authentication Makes LastPass Account Recovery a Breeze

LastPass has upgraded its iOS and Android apps to better serve its increasingly mobile user base. In the case of a forgotten master password, the password manager will now allow users to complete the entire account recovery process using only their mobile device thanks to a new software update that incorporates secure biometric authentication.

To trigger a password reset, users first need to verify their identity using their smartphone’s in-built biometric authentication features. Once that’s done, LastPass will allow them to get back into their accounts and set a new master password while on the go.

“LastPass was designed in a way that all sensitive data is encrypted locally at the user’s device with Master Password, which is never shared with us. So, if someone forgets this important key, there’s not much we can do to help,” said LastPass Product Manager Akos Putz. “With Mobile Account Recovery, users now have a secure, self-service way to get back into their accounts.”

Users will still be able to recover their accounts on their desktops via traditional methods like email or SMS. Previous LastPass updates have introduced two-factor authentication and bug fixes to address security concerns that were present in older versions of the system.     

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)