ImageWare Announces Multiple Deals Worth Over $1.2 Million

Biometrics News - ImageWare Systems Announces Multiple Deals Worth Over $1.2 Million

Identity proofing and authentication company ImageWare Systems announced that it has already finalized a number of deals this month totalling approximately $1.2 million. Among the deals is a biometric-centric project for a foreign government agency, and partnerships with credit unions.

ImageWare Systems is a pioneer in the biometrics security industry, and supports hundreds of millions of identities with its SDKs and turnkey systems.

“Working with a government to provide multiple agencies a plan to implement interoperable biometric solutions in both the near and long term, is a partnership that takes time to create,” said Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems. “Multi-agency government solutions are not simple, and opportunities like this can take months to develop,” he added.

Miller credited ImageWare’s flexibility with various biometric algorithms and hardware providers, and experience with multimodal biometrics in landing the contract.

“Throughout the world, governments often face powerful adversaries and need the best authentication solution to ensure accuracy, sustainability, and scalability,” he said.

Senior vice president of Sales and Marketing David Somerville said that ImageWare’s recent deals are an indicator of the products they can offer their clients.

“We are excited about our new customers in the credit union and foreign government sectors. ImageWare’s products deliver incomparable value and companies are taking notice of us,” he said.

ImageWare anticipates that it will finalize more deals through 2020 in the banking, enterprise and government sectors.

January 15, 2020 – by Tony Bitzionis