BioSec Brings Palm Vein Solutions to Fujitsu Forum

Biometrics News - BioSec Brings Palm Vein Solutions to Fujitsu Forum

The Hungarian biometric software development company BioSec has officially returned to the Fujitsu Forum. The palm vein recognition specialist will be showcasing solutions featuring its technology – including the ID LifePass, ID GateKeeper and the ID Login V2 – at the Munich event from November 6 to 7.

BioSec and Fujitsu have developed a strong business relationship over the past few years, with Fujitsu using BioSec technology in its Fujitsu PalmSecure product lineup. Fujitsu has also helped to promote BioSec’s StadiumGuard platform, which leverages palm vein biometrics for arena security.

Other BioSec solutions on display at the Fujitsu Forum will include ID LifePass, ID GateKeeper, and ID Login V2. All three platforms utilize palm vein authentication, though each has a slightly different application. ID GateKeeper is built for physical access control, while ID Login is designed for computer logins. LifePass is a more personal solution that can be used to improve the customer experience and streamline interactions in retail and airport settings.

Fujitsu will also have a Public Sector Booth that demonstrates how palm vein technology can be integrated into electric car charging stations, prison cells, and other areas. For its part, BioSec is currently developing its own venue access system, and previously launched the PalmVote platform to authenticate citizens during elections.

November 6, 2019 – by Eric Weiss