BioSec Unveils Residential Palm Vein Security System

Biometrics News - BioSec Unveils Residential Palm Vein Security System

BioSec has released a residential version of its BS GateKeeper biometric access control platform. The solution is geared towards apartment buildings and other multi-unit residences, and will allow people to sign into the building with only a palm vein recognition scan.

“By using our biometric access control solution, residents do not have to rely on cards or access codes,” said BioSec CEO Péter Györgydeák. “They will be identified based on their hands, which cannot be copied, reproduced or stolen, providing a high security level.”

The system will be available with BioSec’s BS Triple 1 device, which can be configured for contactless palm vein scans, as well as finger or full hand touch scans. The solution will negate the need for cards, fobs, passwords, and other easily compromised credentials.

The news comes shortly after BioSec demoed a series of palm vein solutions – including ID GateKeeper, ID LifePass, and ID Login V2 – at this month’s Fujitsu forum in Munich. In addition to the new BS GateKeeper platform, BioSec previously developed the StadiumGuard solution to secure arenas and other large venues and has steadily worked to improve its access control portfolio in the intervening months.

Fujitsu has also helped to promote StadiumGuard and other BioSec technologies.

November 26, 2019 – by Eric Weiss