[AUDIO INTERVIEW] ‘We Are the Credential’: Our ISC West Interview with BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas

FindBiometrics has encountered a lot of exciting companies at this year’s ISC West event in Las Vegas, but with April being Physical Access and Enterprise Month, BioConnect has proven to be one of the standouts. The company has long specialized in access control and identity management in the enterprise, with its expertise bringing it to the panel for our upcoming webinar “Efficiency, Security and Trust in The Biometric Enterprise“; and naturally the company has also drawn many other attendees to its booth with its array of authentication solutions.

Speaking with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor, BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas offers some highlights among those solutions, including facial recognition technology, an enterprise platform for access control and numerous other applications, and an end-to-end security solution for data centers. Douglas also discusses the need to move beyond traditional credentials and make ourselves the credentials, the rising demand for sophisticated security, and his vision of the mobile-centric future of authentication.

Listen to our full interview with Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect:

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