BioConnect’s CabinetShield Solution Targeted at Colocation Market

BioConnect‘s newest biometric security solution is aimed at the colocation market. Called CabinetShield, it’s a dual-factor lock for common server cabinets that supports fingerprint sand card-based authentication.

The solution features an HID multiCLASS reader and a fingerprint sensor, and is designed to connect to access control systems through the BioConnect ID Enterprise software platform. In a blog post announcing the new solution, BioConnect said that when it’s combined with Suprema fingerprint readers, “the audit trail shows not only who accessed a cabinet and when, but each critical point of the facility as the templates captured at initial enrollment are tied to the user profile”.

The new solution comes after BioConnect signaled a growing interest in the colocation market last year, when the company interviewed DataBank Director of Data Center Operations Kelly Lane, who asserted that clients are increasingly asking for biometric security solutions to protect their servers.

Now, BioConnect says its CabinetShield solution has already been successfully deployed by a “national colocation facility in the United States”, suggesting that its latest offering is starting out with a strong footing in the growing biometric server protection market.

August 14, 2017 – by Alex Perala