Biometric Audit Trails Can Thwart Data Center Insider Attacks: BioConnect

Biometric security is critical to data colocation centers, argues BioConnect’s James Shannon in a new post on the company’s blog.

Biometric Audit Trails Can Thwart Data Center Insider Attacks: BioConnectShannon asserts that because most data centers have excellent perimeter security, “any data center operator will tell you that the greatest risk they face is a security breach from within.” And those breaches aren’t always from malicious actors: Citing data from Gemalto, Shannon notes that somewhere between 9 and 18 percent of all colocation center data breaches are accidental, costing the data center industry about $400 billion per year.

That’s one of the reasons biometric security is so important at colocation data centers, since good systems can provide an audit trail of who accessed what, and when. In the event of a breach, inquiries can be made with whoever last accessed a compromised server. More importantly, the presence of such security can effectively dissuade individuals from attempting such breaches, since access is irrevocably tied to the specific person undergoing biometric authentication.

Shannon also points out that such biometric access control systems offer the benefit of compliance with increasingly strict regulations from bodies like HIPPA and PCI DSS, and that they can allow data centers to pitch themselves more effectively to customers. Data center operators seem to see those benefits, with BioConnect Director of Data Center Operations Kelly Lane having reported “seeing tremendous demand” earlier this summer; and with available biometric solutions continuing to evolve, there is an increasingly strong case to be made for them.

September 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala