ZKAccess Announces Access Control Software Update

ZKTeco V3.5 softwareZKAccess has announced a new upgrade for its ZKTeco biometric access control reader management software. The V3.5 software sports user interface improvements as well as new features and capabilities.

To start, installation is seamless and easy, syncing device and user information between the ZKTeco readers and associated panels and computers. Its improved GUI features quick-start links, door status icons, and a simplified fingerprint template registration and management process. Perhaps more importantly, it now offers more advanced administrative and monitoring capabilities, with features such as door unlock duration configuration, remote opening and closing of doors, and the ability to assign duress fingerprints for situations in which an individual is being compelled to unlock an entrance. The system also allows for map and floor plan importing, reports, and the automatic logging of system changes and events.

ZKAccess has been busy refining its technology since splitting off from parent company ZKTeco, having announced a powerful new multimodal access control device earlier this week, and launched a plug-and-play biometric door lock at the end of April. Notably, the company’s software upgrade applies to all ZKTeco readers, indicating a strong commitment to all of the company’s security efforts, including those launched under its previous brand.

August 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala