Year in Review 2017: Maxine Most, Acuity Market Intelligence

Year in Review: Maxine Most, Acuity Market Intelligence

Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence

Acuity Market Intelligence and its Principal Analyst, Maxine Most, were among the earliest industry experts to predict the full extent of the mobile biometrics revolution, and they have kept on the ball over the past year. Acuity’s prediction at the start of 2017 that cheaper biometric smartphones would flood into the market presaged the increasing competitive pressures that established fingerprint sensor specialists encountered later in the year, while the firm’s prediction of the mainstreaming of behavioral biometrics also proved prescient after a year of considerable growth, particularly in financial services.

Lately, the firm has been pointing to a major industry shift toward cloud-based biometrics, which has to be spurring some industry players to proactive adaptation, given Acuity’s strong track record.

In her Year in Review interview with FindBiometrics, Maxine Most discusses that shift and other emerging trends for the year ahead, as well as the key trend of last year, and the challenges and opportunities on the horizon – with the latter almost certain to include more expert webinars with FindBiometrics.

Read our full interview with Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence:

FindBiometrics (FB): What are the biggest highlights for your organization from the past year

Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence: Stepping up to educate and advocate for Cloud-based biometrics as a means to provide unique value and PII protection for consumer applications.

FB: What, in your opinion, was the defining trend for the biometrics industry as a whole in 2017?

Acuity: Broad based acceptance of biometrics for consumer and enterprise applications that shifted the underlying conversation from ‘why’ to ‘how’.

FB: What are the main challenges you want to see the biometrics industry address in 2018?

Acuity: Educating consumer and enterprise markets about what constitutes the integrity of a biometric systems:

  1. Capture: The ability to capture an initial live biometric sample from a human being and link the template derived from this live biometric sample to a UVI or unique digital identity.
  2. Compare: The ability to accurately and reliably compare templates derived from live biometric samples to a stored template.
  3. Counter: The application of best practice liveness detection and anti-spoofing countermeasures to defend against spoofing and presentation attacks.
  4. Control: The ability to securely manage biometric template data. To control the issuance, expiration, and revocation of biometric templates, and to detect database breaches that require a biometric template purge
    • Hardening biometrics on mobile devices so that biometrics become the foundational security for smartphones and other mobile devices.
    • Continued integration of multiple biometrics and biometrics with other authentication mechanisms to build highly accurate, reliable, and secure risk assessments for transactions.

FB: What excites you most about the year to come in biometrics?

Acuity: The emerging role Cloud-based of Biometric Identity Service Providers which will transform payments and other financial services, PII data monetization, credential issuance, and consumer relationships with retail organizations and a range of service providers.

FB: What is in store for your organization in 2018?

Acuity: Strategic work with some of the up-and-comers in the biometrics marketplace, research into new markets where biometrics will play a disruptive role, participation at more vertically targeted events where biometrics are becoming mainstream, and of course more webinars with findBIOMETRICS!


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