VoiceVault Delivers New Levels of Fraud Protection with a Replaceable Voice Biometric Enrollment Model

VoiceVault announces the latest enhancement to their voice biometric identity verification platform with a replaceable voice biometric capability that provides higher levels of protection against fraudulent attacks on user identity.

With the new replaceable voice biometric capability, VoiceVault is able to provide unparalleled protection against fraudster attacks on biometric voice models and consequently their biometric identity. By extending VoiceVault’s challenge response mode of operation to encompass all digits 0 through 9, an enrollment model that has been compromised, for example through the fraudulent use of recordings, can simply be replaced with one that uses a different set of digits.

This enhancement is significant in that it further sets apart the use of voice as a biometric for identity verification from modalities such as fingerprint, iris and face. Once these modalities are compromised, there is no possibility for a user to re-enroll. As a result, voice biometrics becomes an even stronger part of the multifactor authentication solution to increasing levels of fraudster activity in markets such as financial services and healthcare.

“Identity theft and fraud through the use of social engineering techniques is on the rise,” said Nik Stanbridge, VP Product Marketing. “Fraudsters are now able to capture high quality recordings of users and use them to attack voice biometric systems. In announcing this new capability we are raising the bar on this line of attack and closing the door on fraudsters.”

About VoiceVault

VoiceVault is a private voice biometric company that focuses exclusively on the development and deployment of voice biometric solutions in the financial and healthcare sectors. VoiceVault is a US based company (El Segundo, CA) with an R&D center in the UK.

VoiceVault’s solutions use an individual’s vocal characteristics for biometric identity verification over the phone, web, or via mobile and smart device applications. They rely on the simple fact that speaking is completely natural and effortless and that no two voices are exactly the same. They enable the delivery of data and application access control; transaction authorization; identity verification; e-signature provision and out of band authentication solutions.

Biometric voice-based solutions enable business processes to enhance multifactor authentication with something you are – your voice.

Contact: VoiceVault Inc., Melinda Ziemer (Marketing Manager), 310-426-2792, melinda.ziemer@voicevault.com, http://www.voicevault.com/