Vision-Box Celebrates French Rail Station Deployment of Biometric eGates

Vision-Box is celebrating the success of its first deployment of biometric automated eGate technology with a private transportation service.

Vision-Box Celebrates French Rail Station Deployment of Biometric eGatesThe project was implemented in France’s St. Pancras International rail station in collaboration with the Eurostar transportation company, and with the cooperation of the French Ministry of Interior and border police. The eGates are meant to scan travelers arriving in France from the UK, and use facial recognition technology to match their faces to their passports. Meanwhile, border authorities can manually intervene in the process at any time, ensuring a high level of security that mixes cutting-edge technology with more traditional border security measures.

The eGates went into operation last June, and have since served half a million passengers, according to Vision-Box. In a statement, Eurostar Director of Stations Mikaël Lemarchand attested that the solution has been “enhancing the daily experience of our customers,” adding that the company is now looking to deploy the solution in Paris and Brussels.

It’s a fitting location for the deployment, with French authorities having demonstrated a strong interest in enhanced border security in recent years; and with the European Commission seeking to realize its Smart Borders program, the success of the St. Pancras deployment could help to establish Vision-Box as a key solutions provider with respect to biometric automated border control technologies.

February 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala