Vision-Box Forwards A Fully Biometric Airport Experience

March 27, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

The passenger experience at an airport is hellish to say the least. No one needs to be told that. This issue is that until recently the high friction security process that is undertaken before flight has been the best way to keep the air safe. Thankfully, as has been explored in a recent report by Acuity Market Intelligence, increased adoption of biometric eGates and immigration kiosks will be turning the current annoyance of pre-flight shoe removal into an entertaining historical anecdote for generation Y to tell their children.

Vision-Box, a provider of automated border control solutions is preaching about an even more convenient future for airline passengers. Instead of a single automated check in point like the eGate, Vision-Box is proposing that through the application of biometrics at every airport touch point, terminals will become even more convenient while also remaining as secure as possible.

The big idea is to automate the identification and verification process while also implementing a central management platform. This way, once a passenger verifies her legitimacy, the rest of the experience is streamlined as she continually and quickly checks in at the various steps of pre-flight routine with the appropriate biometric.

This approach is heavily weighted on the passenger experience side of the equation, but Vision-Box is ready to defend its focus on convenience.

“All airport stakeholders are taking benefit from the broad use of biometrics and from the Traveler Data Envelope concept,” explains Jean-François Lennon, Vision-Box’s director of global business development, sales and marketing.

He goes on to elaborate: “While Governments and Border Control Authorities are improving security at the border by way of a reliable biometric identification and verification methods, Airports and Airlines are offering their customers a more sophisticated innovative edge and better services, improving passenger flow, decreasing congestion and waiting times, and making passengers enjoy travelling again to the benefit of their revenue growth.”

findBIOMETRICS, in association with Acuity Market Intelligence,  recently ran a webinar on the topic of the automated border control market. The next five years are forecasted to be very strong in terms of biometric border control adoption – especially in airports – as eGate, kiosk and even mobile technologies become more accessible and ubiquitous.