VIDEO: Zwipe Biometric Access Card Demonstrated at ISC West

Earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, the biometrics industry had its eye on ISC West 2014 conference and exhibition. Peter O’Neill, president of findBIOMETRICS was there to take video of the biometric security solutions on the exhibition floor.

Zwipe AS was in attendance as well, premiering its biometric access card that attacks the major barriers of biometric adoption. The video below features Zwipe CEO Kim Kristian Humborstad demonstrating the smartcard with a fingerprint touch sensor on a proximity card reader to show the world just how easy biometric physical access control can be.

When you are finished watching, be sure to read Peter O’Neill’s interview with Humborstad which touches on some very interesting topics in  terms of the disruptive ideas that mobility and biometrics bring to the table in physical access control.