Veritone Uses AI to Improve Media Coverage of College Football Playoff

Veritone Uses AI to Improve Media Coverage of College Football Playoff

On the field, the Clemson Tigers bested the Alabama Crimson Tide in this year’s College Football Playoff. Behind the scenes, the CFP was teaming up with Veritone to showcase the future of sports media coverage, with Veritone delivering the CFP’s Digital Media Hub while also offering its Live Event Services and the use of its aiWARE operating system.

So why is that a big deal? The Digital Media Hub is a standard media portal that grants access to CFP licensed content. aiWARE is an AI-driven platform that uses biometrics to transcribe, catalogue, and tag all of the interviews, photos, and footage collected on media day and throughout the week. The combination – along with additional support from Live Event Services – allowed media members to search the Hub for quotes and content almost as soon as it was recorded, dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of their reporting.

“Users have even more immediate access to content for publishing and syndication while the events are happening,” said CFP Senior Director Gina Lehe. “The aiWARE capabilities make it faster and easier than ever to locate and retrieve specific items from our vast library of content.”

Veritone and the CFP have renewed their partnership for next year’s championship game in New Orleans, underlining that the rollout of the new system was a success. Biometric technology is already transforming the stadium experience for spectators, but this is one of the first indications that it will have an equally big impact in the press box.

February 15, 2019 – by Eric Weiss