VerifyMe Scores Notice of Allowance For Home Button Sensor Patent

VerifyMe Scroes Notice of Allowance For Home Button Sensor PatentBiometric authentication specialist VerifyMe has won allowance for a new patent, the company has announced. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for the company’s “‘Home’ Button With Integrated User Biometric Sensing and Verification System for a Mobile Device.”

In a press release, the company explained that the patent covers a system in which an optical fingerprint sensor is embedded under a mobile device’s home button and regulates access to the device via user authentication. While this description is similar in function to the fingerprint sensor systems that are increasingly widespread on a growing range of smartphones, VerifyMe’s patent differs from competing solutions on some finer points; Apple’s famous Touch ID system, for instance, leverages capacitive fingerprint sensing technology and not the optical scanning described in this new patent. In any case, VerifyMe’s patent describes a system that could be crucial in a number of products from the company.

Since its major corporate overhaul this past summer, VerifyMe has continually sought to further bolster its IP portfolio while also building its talent pool with an eye to future growth. This latest Notice of Allowance is another step forward in that direction, and, as VerifyMe CTO Sandy Fliderman put it in a press release, it “underscores the ingenuity of our technologies and the solutions we deliver.”

December 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala