US Marine Corps Contract Mobile Biometric Identification Tech

The United States Marine Corps is going to start using biometric identification technology provided by Aware, Inc. Announcing the contract in a statement, Aware said the Marines will use a modified version of the URC|Tactical software the company has previously provided to the US Navy.

US Marine Corps Contract Mobile Biometric Identification TechThe software system is designed to run on third-party mobile hardware, enabling in-the-field biometric identification. In its deployment with the Marines, URC|Tactical will be supplemented by Aware’s Biometric Services Platform, or BioSP, the company’s biometric ID management platform. Aware says the deployments will enable the Marines to identify unknown individuals as well as foreign allies during operations in the field.

Commenting on the contract, Aware, Inc. VP of Biometrics Rob Mungovan said it “demonstrates an ability to rapidly and cost-effectively modify our URC and BioSP applications to satisfy specific requirements, thanks largely to their modular design and basis in field-proven COTS products.”

With government security organizations’ interest in biometric technologies on the rise, this contract, building upon the previous Navy contract, could signal a growing client base for Aware.

July 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala