Unisys Selected to Develop Netherlands Custody Management System

Unisys has won a contract to provide the Netherlands’ Custodial Institutions Service (Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen, or DJI) with a new custody management system. According to the terms of the 10-year contract, the system will be rolled out starting next year, and will ultimately be in place at prisons across the country.

Unisys Selected to Develop Netherlands Custody Management SystemThe system will revolved around the Unisys Law Enforcement Application Framework (U-LEAF), and will be designed to enable full administrative capabilities through its platform, from enrolment to visitor requests. Commenting in a statement, DJI Deputy Director ALC Roelofs praised U-LEAG’s “simplicity”, adding “I believe we’ll see great efficiencies from this solution as it removes many technical processes which will enable our employees to focus on other important legal tasks.”

Unisys says the new system will build on its LEIDA framework, which already supports the Netherlands’ Basic Provision program to enable biometric authentication of individuals in police custody. As the new system takes shape, it seems very likely that it will further extend this biometric authentication capability for various custody management needs in the Netherlands’ penitentiary system.

April 25, 2106 – by Alex Perala