Unisys Announces Multi-Channel Banking Platform

Unisys has announced a new digital banking platform meant to facilitate a broad range of services via mobile device or desktop, and featuring biometric security.

Unisys Announces Multi-Channel Banking PlatformCalled Elevate, the platform is targeted at financial institutions seeking to offer cutting-edge digital and mobile banking technology to their customers, enabling everything from paying bills to applying for mortgages. The solution is available as a cloud-based service or can be integrated within a bank branch.

In a statement announcing the platform, Unisys did not specify the biometric modalities to be used in Elevate’s security, but it’s worth noting that the company has collaborated in projects involving facial and iris recognition, as well as the increasing popular modality of behavioral biometrics. The company did indicate that the security technology is based on its Retail Banking Delivery platform, which it says is currently being used by 125 banks around the world.

The company plans to launch Elevate in the EMEA and APAC markets this quarter, with plans to bring it to Latin America and North America in Q2.

February 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala