TSA Launches Biometric Boarding Pass Pilots at Atlanta, Denver Airports

The TSA has started testing out a biometric boarding system at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Denver International Airport.

TSA Launches Biometric Boarding Pass Pilots at Atlanta, Denver AirportsThe system is designed to replace travel documents with fingerprint scans, and launched as a pilot project today. Interested participants are being recruited from TSA PreCheck, a biometric pre-screening program aimed at helping participants to move through airport lines more quickly.

The new TSA initiative represents the latest escalation in a burgeoning biometric airport screening trend in the US. This week, Delta Airlines and the Customs and Border Protection agency announced a biometric screening project at JFK International Airport, and plans for a pilot project based on facial recognition to start up later this summer at Hartsfield-Jackson; and just a couple of weeks ago, US airline JetBlue announced its own collaboration with the CBP to test a system aimed at replacing all travel documents with biometric identification.

While the Hartsfield-Jackson airport appears to be becoming something of a locus for biometric experimentation, the TSA’s new project may also prove popular at Denver, with The Denver Post reporting that a TSA PreCheck enrollment RV extended a stay in the city earlier this year due to high demand.

Sources: The Denver Post, Bloomberg

June 14, 2017 – by Alex Perala