Trustonic Crypto Library Gets FIPS 140-2 Certification

Trustonic‘s cryptographic library has now been FIPS 140-2 certified, the company has announced.

Trustonic Crypto Library Gets FIPS 140-2 CertificationThe Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 was established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and refers to guidelines for how cryptographic modules collect and share data. It is often used in sensitive government applications, and thus opens the door for Trustonic’s cryptographic solutions to be used more widely in the government sector and other security-conscious areas.

The certification comes after Trustonic attained Common Criteria certification for its Trusted Execution Environment technology earlier this year. In a statement, Trustonic Sales and Marketing SVP George Kanuck said, “This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of security for governments and enterprises across all devices and services.”

The certification could also increase the appeal of Trustonic’s technology in the smart car sector, where there is a growing need for strong electronic security as IT and automotive technologies increasingly converge.

September 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala