TOC Unveils Biometric Consent App

TOC Biometrics has announced a new app that lets users offer their consent for agreements through a fingerprint scan.

TOC Unveils Biometric Consent AppCalled the TOC App, it’s available for iOS and Android. It’s designed to send push notifications to users when they need to provide consent online through their mobile devices, prompting them to scan a finger in order to confirm.

In a statement announcing the new app, TOC CEO Ricardo Navarro suggested the app represents TOC’s effort “to create a paradigm shift in how to authenticate”. He also suggested that the TOC App could have other authentication applications beyond online consent forms, calling it “a 100% safe and efficient way” of verifying sensitive transactions like bank transfers.

The TOC App’s debut is timely with respect to the now widespread preponderance of smartphone fingerprint scanners across iOS and Android devices. And it was first unveiled at this week’s Money20/20 conference, where biometric technology once again proved to be a very hot topic, a trend that quite possibly gave an additional boost to attendees’ interest in TOC’s solution.

October 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala