The Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape, Fingerprints in Vaccination and BIO-key’s Strong Financial Position – findBIOMETRICS Industry News Roundup: Nov 11-15

November 17, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter     

As this week came to a close BIO-key International released its financial results for Q3 2013, and with it some encouraging news: thanks to a number of private placements and the growing interest in mobile biometrics, the fingerprint solutions company has found itself in its strongest financial position in years.

BIO-key is not the only company rising alongside the public image of biometric security. Thanks to the iPhone 5S and its Touch ID security solution, the entire industry is going through a period of redefinition. Contributing editor C. Maxine Most and findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill examined the new environment that mobility has created in biometrics in the webinar titled The Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape which was held on Wednesday.

The high profile that biometrics now enjoys – thanks to Apple’s fingerprint sensor inclusion and the  soon to come post-password security solutions of iPhone competitors – is not only reshaping the market, it’s putting an increased focus on customer education and encouragement.

Cognitec was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership this week. The research analysis firm recently evaluated Cognitec’s flagship product, FaceVACS VideoScan technology, and in doing so found that in addition to providing a versatile face recognition platform, also offers inordinate customer service, which helps break down barriers of adoption in new technology.

Entertech Systems is also doing its part in dissolving the obstacles that lie between a customer and the implementation of biometric security by partnering with AMAG. Cost and complexity are major roadblocks when it comes to enterprise solutions and this partnership targets those by leveraging Entertech’s BioConnect software, which bridges the gap on an administrator’s end between physical access terminal and the template database it uses.

Finally, speaking of better communication, a major benefit that biometrics can lend the healthcare industry, is its ability to help clinicians keep track of patient records. This is especially true in developing nations where varying literacy rates and  any number of language barriers can negatively affect the accountability of health records and recorded histories. Lumidigm is a company that attacks this problem head on, providing its multispectal technology to clinics for patient management. This week the company announced that its technology has been deployed in a number of African nations to better keep track of vaccination histories, effectively keeping track of a patient’s condition and allowing clinicians to better and more efficiently administer follow up doses.

Meanwhile on our sister site, Mobile ID World, we are given an even clearer idea of how mobility and biometrics are transforming the larger authentication industry. This week BIO-key comitted to bringing better BYOD and online transactions, voice recognition found a unique and extremely useful niche in passive authentication and Natural Security formed the Natural Security Alliance in a push for open standards for mobile biometrics. Be sure to read all about it in the weekly Mobile ID World industry news roundup