Swiss Startup Pitches Biometric Solution as ID Replacement

Switzerland-based startup Zenum has launched a pilot of a new biometric identification solution envisioned as an ID replacement.Swiss Startup Pitches Biometric Solution as ID Replacement

The pilot is aimed at trialing Proof of Body, a biometric terminal based on vein and fingerprint scanning. Zenum says that in addition to detecting biometric identifiers, the system also allows users to tie a gesture pattern to their digital identity, allowing for even greater security. All of the identity data is stored via blockchain.

In a statement announcing the solution, Zenum suggested that its PoB solution could eliminate the need for “any other identity factor” such as “Passports, Driver Licenses or ID cards.” But the company’s announcement also left some blank spaces: No description of the terminal’s form factor was offered, nor is the solution pictured on Zenum’s website. And while Zenum said its current trial “will assess the citizen experience and technology… in different environments, like Airports and refugee camps,” the company did not specify its partners, nor any other details about the pilot.

In an increasingly competitive market, those question marks are going to need to be addressed. But with government interest in these kinds of biometric ID solutions growing, Zenum will face a considerable market opportunity if its trial proves successful.

May 25, 2018 – by Alex Perala