Suprema Integrates Biometric Access With Milestone Video Management Software

Today, biometric and security technology company Suprema announced that it has integrated its solutions with Milestone video management software (VMS): an open architecture software compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders.

Biometric Access Control

FindBiometrics dedicated the entire month of April to biometric access control solutions.

The integration will now allow users of both companies’ products to link cameras to access control devices, combining surveillance with biometric security. The ability to track access control transactions brings a heightened level of convenience to the physical security deployment, giving administrators the ability to react immediately to any inconveniences, slowdowns or potential emergencies. Break-in attempts, false negatives and other security related mishaps like “door left open” messages and be remotely monitored and responded to.

Young S. Moon, Suprema’s vice president, comments on the integration’s main benefit, which is that turnkey solutions are more ideal for security customers. Because of the specialist nature of security solutions on the market, with companies offering just surveillance or biometric access control, Moon believes that combining Milestone VMS and Suprema products more directly addressed the customer’s need: security.

“This way,” says Moon, “our goal is to provide our customers with the turnkey package they are looking for. And this package includes Cameras, Video Management, Access Control and Biometrics.”

According to Suprema, this integration marks a first for the Milestone XProject Access Control Module. Until now, no biometric solutions providers have integrated with Milestone’s product.

Suprema has stated that its partnership with Smartproject was key in facilitating the integration.

“This is advanced security system integration,” says Smartproject director Francois Malan. “In case of events such as a fire alarm being activated or a door being left open, the system issues a local audible sound and also displays the alarm on the operator monitor. In addition, issued alarms can trigger a predefined video management of the event, such as camera zoom and video sequence recording. So later, the operator can see the video evidence before/during/after the event. We know who has triggered an event, when and where. And also how was the event managed.”

Earlier this week, FindBiometrics reported that ENTERTECH SYSTEMS – Suprema’s operating partner in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland – announced that, thanks to a new pairing between its BioConnect application and the Pro-Watch security management suite from Honeywell, users of the latter will now have the option of deploying Suprema biometric access control devices.

September 18, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter